Solving an itchy problem for poor Paddy

29th November 2017













Paddy had been suffering with a severely itchy skin disorder for over a year when Sarah Warren our Dermatology Clinician first saw him, and was having to spend his whole life wearing an Elizabethan collar.

He was miserable. His skin condition was characterised by self induced hair loss, crusty dermatitis and severe erosions and moist plaques of dermatitis over several areas of his face and body. Following a thorough investigation he was diagnosed with allergic dermatitis and prescribed Atopica Cat Solution and a hypoallergenic diet along with fastidious parasite prevention.

He slowly but consistently improved over a six month period of time and is now on a twice weekly dose of Atopica Cat Solution which is keeping his symptoms completely under control and has improved his quality of life immeasurably!

Happy owner, Happy cat!



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