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Bomber’s story

27th September 2019



Meet Bomber a one year old lively domestic short hair! After a traumatic incident, a diaphragmatic hernia had been identified and repaired. This hernia was atypical and in a difficult to reach location; between the oesophageal hiatus and aortic hiatus.

Bomber subsequently presented to Lumbry Park for daily regurgitation. He was unable to keep food down unless he was fed <10 biscuits at a time. Unfortunately Bomber had lost a significant amount of weight since surgery.

Video fluoroscopy was carried out whilst Bomber was eating. In the image you can see his food is highlighted by barium (contrast media). Video fluoroscopy revealed dilatation of the oesophagus in front of the diaphragm. Food passed through the oesophagus and into the stomach with difficultly. Bomber was diagnosed with a (external) oesophageal stricture at the level of the diaphragm. He had surgery carried out to dissect and breakdown the stricture which had been formed by fibrous change/scar tissue around the previous repair/suture material. To limit the likelihood of postoperative hiatal hernia, Bomber also had a left sided gastropexy carried out under the same anaesthetic.

Bomber is now happily outdoors and being his marvellous mischievous self! Within a few days he was hunting and we knew confidently that he could stomach a good meal!

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