Meet Milo

7th October 2019

Meet Milo!

Milo is a young cat who loves going outside to explore. However, in July he came home and started to gag and retch, worrying his owners. The gagging continued intermittently and Milo didn’t have the freshest smelling breath. A foreign body was suspected, and we confirmed this when we examined the back of his nose with our cameras. However, this particular foreign body proved incredibly difficult to remove as we normally do (non-invasively with the endoscope) and poor Milo needed the services of Francesco Gemignani our surgeon. Francesco made a small incision in Milo’s palate and we were all surprised to see not one, but several, grass awns firmly embedded a little way into the back of his nose. These awns have barbs which had wedged into Milo’s nose explaining why with scopes they would not budge.

Milo recovered amazingly well and the next day clearly felt much better without these nasty awns. Our medicine and surgery teams frequently work together on cases to get the best outcomes for our patients and we are so glad Milo is doing well.


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Covid-19 Update

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