Neurology and Neurosurgery

Neurology and Neurosurgery

Our neurologists will treat a wide variety of neurologic disorders including canine and feline epilepsy, infectious or inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system such as meningitis, as well as traumatic brain injury. Most conditions affecting the nervous system require an MRI scan that can be done directly at our hospital. This scan allows our specialists to see the structures outside and within the brain, spinal chord and peripheral nerves. An MRI scan requires a general anaesthetic during which additional diagnostics can easily be performed such as collection of spinal fluid, nerve biopsies or nerve stimulation tests to better determine the cause of your pet’s neurologic disorder and the appropriate treatment plan.

Our neurosurgical team are experienced at treating patients for a multitude of spinal and brain conditions that require surgery. These conditions include but are not limited to spinal trauma and fractures, slipped discs (intervertebral disc extrusion), developmental spinal diseases, hydrocephalus, as well as surgery to remove tumours from the spinal cord and brain. An MRI scan or a CT scan may be needed to correctly diagnose your pet’s condition and plan the correct surgical approach.

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Joao Frias, Neurology Intern

Joao Frias

Neurology Intern