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Dermatology Service Overview

  • RVCS Specialist in Veterinary Dermatology; EBVS® Veterinary Specialist in Dermatology
  • Multidisciplinary approach to the management of patients with skin disease
  • Comprehensive investigation of patients with otitis using advanced imaging and video-otoscopy
  • Intradermal allergy testing for dogs and cats with atopic dermatitis
  • Hospitalised patients benefit from 24-hour veterinary and nursing care
  • Free telephone and email advice given with the minimum of delay

We see patients with a wide range of dermatological problems including:


  • Investigation and medical management of acute and chronic otitis
  • Investigation of recurrent otitis externa
  • Detailed examination of the ear canals using video-otoscopy
  • Advanced imaging to detect otitis media
  • Surgical management of otitis with Lumbry Park’s Specialist surgeons

Infectious skin diseases

  • Investigation of recurrent or persistent infections
  • Medical management of infectious skin disease
  • Management of multidrug resistant skin infections such as MRSP/MRSA

Allergic skin diseases

  • Diagnosis and management of flea allergy dermatitis, food hypersensitivity and atopic dermatitis
  • Intradermal testing and allergen specific immunotherapy
  • Multimodal therapy for allergic skin disease

Immune mediated/autoimmune skin diseases

  • Investigation of erosive/ulcerative skin disease
  • Immune mediated pustular and crusting skin diseases
  • Depigmenting disorders
  • Vesicular and bullous skin diseases

Endocrine and metabolic skin diseases

  • Diagnosis and medical management
  • Multidisciplinary approach with other accredited Lumbry Park Specialists


  • Investigation of non-pruritic alopecia
  • Medical management of alopecia

Keratinisation disorders

  • Investigation and diagnosis of scaling
  • Medical management of scaling dermatoses

Diseases of the claws

Investigation and diagnosis of claw disease

Medical and surgical management

Other cases suitable for referral:

  • Investigation of unknown causes of pruritus
  • Patients with refractory pruritus
  • Patients with unusual skin lesions
  • Patients with poorly controlled immune mediated/autoimmune disease requiring discussion of alternative treatment options
  • Cases requiring extra time and experience and counselling for their owner

On site state-of-the-art advanced imaging run by our Specialist Imaging team

  • Each imaging procedure tailored to the patient
  • Interpretation and reporting of every scan by on-site Specialist

Specialist-led anaesthesia team

  • Anaesthetic and analgesic protocols tailored to the individual patient
  • Extensive experience in anaesthesia

Efficient case management

  • Cases seen at the earliest opportunity – urgent cases seen as a priority
  • Patients with otitis investigated efficiently usually as outpatients
  • In-house diagnostic microscopy and cytology performed during consultations to allow rapid diagnosis of skin diseases, avoiding unnecessary delay

the team


Jon Hardy

EBVS® Veterinary Specialist in Dermatology

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COVID-19 Update

Our practices are open and providing routine, urgent and emergency referral care for your patients. We continue to work safely with social distancing and a combination of telephone consultations and on-site examinations. GP vets should contact our referral centres directly for clinical advice on cases.