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Pet Blood Bank UK Sharing Scheme

Pet Blood Bank UK Sharing Scheme

Lumbry Park Veterinary Specialists is a member of the Pet Blood Bank UK Sharing Scheme. This means that we have a small stock of canine blood products only that we can ‘share’ with local veterinary practices in an emergency.

In the event that the recipient’s blood type is unknown we are able to carry out in-house blood typing, and then supply a suitably type-matched product. Please note that we require at least 0.5ml of recipient blood (in EDTA, filled to the line on the sample tube) to carry out this service. This service is chargeable and your practice will be invoiced directly from the Pet Blood Bank.

In the event that a cross match is required we are happy to carry this out for you on the shared packed cells that we have in stock. This is a chargeable service which Lumbry Park will invoice your practice directly for. This service in total is £103.15 inc VAT. For this service we require at least 0.5ml to 1ml the recipients serum.

What do we stock?

  • We routinely stock Packed Red Blood Cells (1/2 units) in DEA 1.1 negative and DEA 1.1 positive.
  • We also stock Fresh Frozen Plasma (200ml bags) in DEA 1.1 negative and DEA 1.1 positive.
  • Frozen Plasma (This is plasma that has either been frozen more than six hours after collection, or has been thawed and re frozen or has been frozen for more than one year. This has a shelf life of five years and it has lost the activity of many important plasma proteins and liable clotting factors. (Factors V and VIII, vWF) however it contains albumin and still contains vitamin K dependant clotting factors).
  • Transfusion sets.
  • Hemo-Nate Filters.

All blood product stock is subject to the availability of the Pet Blood Bank own stocks and the needs of our in-patients at that time.


How does the Sharing Scheme work?

If a local practice within the South East requires a blood product in an emergency, and they are unable to obtain from the pet blood bank directly, they may ‘borrow’ the product from us.

All of our blood products are supplied with appropriate literature including product datasheets, transfusion monitoring records, transfusion collar tags and instructions for storage/handling of blood products. We are also able to supply blood typing kits and blood administration sets.

You are responsible for collecting the blood product from us and calling the Pet Blood Bank (01509 232 222) to inform them that you have collected a blood product from us. You will be invoiced via Pet Blood Bank and our stocks will be replenished.



When you call us you will be directed to an RVN who will be happy to advise you on blood transfusion consumables and further information on the sharing scheme that we offer. However if you would like specialist advice this will only be available depending on case load and their availability. If you would like to refer the case to us please contact our Reception team.

Alternatively please contact the Pet Blood Bank for advice on 01509 232 222.

For more information on what products you may need please visit >


For more information or to use this service, please contact the Internal Medicine service on 01420 481777 or visit

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