Services available for treatment of orodental disease, including:

  • Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment for fractured or devitalised teeth).
  • Feline Oral Diseases (Tooth Resorption and Chronic Gingivostomatitis).
  • Oral Surgery (traumatic injuries, oral neoplasia, congenital cleft palates etc).
  • Treatment for Malocclusions (including Orthodontics and Crown Shortening where appropriate).
  • Jaw Fracture Repairs (including minimally invasive techniques).
  • Prosthodontics (tooth restoration and crown placement).
  • Periodontal disease (including periodontal surgery).
  • Exodontics (complex surgical extractions including root remnants).

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Covid-19 Update

Rest assured… we will continue to provide telephone and video consultations for all patients and urgent and emergency care for your clients and their pets. We will need a referral from a first opinion vet before we can speak with clients. Call for information and guidance. Please note that opening hours may be subject to change during this time.