Simplicity and Transparency for clients


All-inclusive fixed-priced TPLO and TTA procedures

11th May 2018

Simplicity and transparency for clients

All-inclusive fixed-priced TPLO and TTA procedures

We’re pleased to introduce our comprehensive, all-inclusive fixed-price cruciate surgery.

From May, Lumbry Park Veterinary Specialists will be offering fixed prices on TPLO/TTA surgeries including:

  • Initial and follow-up consultation
  • X-rays at planning stage and at six week re-check
  • Anaesthesia, including nerve bloc if indicated, and sedation/anaesthesia at re-check
  • Surgery including all implants
  • Two days of hospitalisation
  • All analgesia, buster collar plus two weeks of NSAIDS on discharge

For a standard procedure, what a client is quoted, is what they will pay.

Lumbry Park Veterinary Specialists fixed price scheme – Either TPLO or TTA:

  • <20kg                    £3,000
  • 20-40kg                £3,250
  • 40-60kg                £3,500
  • >60kg                    £3,750

All prices include VAT.

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