Cardiology without frontiers
March 27th, 2017


Rosie is a beautiful Labrador who came to visit Lumbry Park for Dr Luca Ferasin to investigate a possible heart murmur.

This investigation resulted in Rosie being diagnosed with Pulmonic Stenosis. This meant for successful management and treatment she needed a Balloon Valvuloplasty.

We were very grateful that Pedro Oliveira from Davies Veterinary Specialists could join us for the day to collaborate and help with Rosie’s procedure. Rosie is a fantastic illustration to prove that even with competition between each referral practice, clinicians will always strive to provide the best standard of care for their patients and always putting them first.

The great news is that everything went really well for Rosie, here you can see her with her brother Jack on her re check visit to us and also some photos of her surgery. Rosie was all tucked up in her pink jumper for a couple of weeks as she was a little chilly with no fur!


rosie jumper

IMG_1629 - Copy