Everybody meet the wonderful Prince Pod!
March 17th, 2017


(Here is Pod enjoying some sunshine outside)

This sweet boy is Prince Pod, or ‘Pod’ as he as affectionately known. Pod is a regular visitor here at Lumbry Park, as he is normally under the care of our cardiology team, Luca and Vicki.

However over 2 weeks ago, Pod was rushed in to see our neurology specialist, Angela. He was in a very sorry state, and unable to use any of his legs. Luckily for Pod, his mum is also a veterinary surgeon and was able to give Pod some pain relief and get him in to us very quickly.
Pod was immediately admitted and underwent a general anaesthetic and a MRI scan of his neck. The MRI scanner uses a magnetic field and radio waves to generate an image, and allows us to see the brain and spinal cord in brilliant detail. Unfortunately for Pod, his MRI showed he had an intervertebral disc extrusion (‘slipped disc’) in between the 4th and 5th vertebral bones in his neck.

In between each of our vertebral bones, there is a soft ‘disc’ of tissue which acts as a shock abs  orber. In Pod’s case, the disc material had degenerated and pushed up against his spinal cord, compressing the cord and preventing some nerve impulses from reaching the rest of Pod’s body, which was affecting his ability to walk.

Our neurology and orthopaedic surgeons, Angela and Tim performed an emergency procedure called a ‘ventral slot’ to remove the disc material and relieve the pressure on the spinal cord.

After the surgery, Pod required an intensive rehabilitation plan carried out by our inpatient care and neurology nurses, alongside a local chartered veterinary physiotherapist, Hannah. He enjoyed regular visits from his owners and even got a ‘get well soon’ card in the post!

For the first few days Pod was not able to walk or bear weight through any of his legs. But thanks to his surgery and physiotherapy, 14 days after surgery Pod bounded down the corridor and into reception, ready to go home!

Well done Pod, you are a superstar!

pod2pod 3
(Pod received lovely drawings from his best friend to cheer him up)